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Make research-driven decisions about medical cannabis

Now available in Canada. Coming soon to the USA.
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A free tool for your practice

Research-backed recommendations

Dosing guidelines

Drug interaction and cautionary information

Centralized product information


Create treatment plans efficiently.

ElionMED helps make product selection fast and personalized to each patient, ensuring patients receive the treatment that best suits their individual needs.

Learn more about medical cannabis.

ElionMED will guide you through the fundamentals of recommending medical cannabis in real time, during the appointment.

Kala Sanmartin The Cannabis Nurses.jpeg

Kala Sanmartin, RN, The Cannabis Nurses

“The centralized product information means practitioners don’t have to spend time searching on other websites for the information they need.”

Hiral Mistry.jpeg

Hiral Mistry, RN, Certified Cannabis Educator

“The platform is very informative and educational on cannabis products. It makes it easy for clinicians to narrow down their search using a filter system."

Our brands

These are some of the trusted medical cannabis brands practitioners can find on ElionMED:

We're going global.

Located outside of Canada? Join our waitlist and be the first to know when ElionMED is available in your area.

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