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Meet The Team

Patricia Banach ElionMED Cofounder

Patricia Banach


Patricia has been in sales for over 20 years and has held C-suite executive and leadership positions for cannabis tech companies. She has led growth strategies that resulted in rapid entry and expansion into global markets and supported global medical cannabis producers with decisions surrounding compliance in the workplace. 

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Karina Bershteyn ElionMED Cofounder

Karina Bershteyn


Karina is a seasoned product manager and UX designer, specializing in innovation for cannabis tech startups. Her leadership skills have been instrumental in guiding her teams to create solutions that solve complex problems in the cannabis industry. She is a medical cannabis patient and has felt the struggles of the patient experience first-hand.

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Kyle Dijon Hill ElionMED Advisory Board

Kyle Dijon Hill, MD

Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Kyle Dijon Hill is a dedicated family medicine resident practicing in Greenville, Mississippi. Her diverse academic background includes an MD, a Master's degree in Clinical Research Administration, and a Bachelor's in Speech/Communication. Dr. Hill is deeply engaged in endocannabinoid science research, with special interests in chronic pain, stress, and addiction management. Her approach to patient care emphasizes empathy and an integrative methodology, deeply influenced by her studies in South Korea, where she explored the profound connection between mind and body wellness. Her dedication to her craft is reflected in her commitment to professional growth and her pursuit of groundbreaking approaches to holistic wellness.

Kala Sanmartin ElionMED Advisory Board

Kala Sanmartin, RN

Medical Advisory Board Member

Kala is an RN with 11 years practice experience in the emergency room, clinical instructing, and community care. Eight years ago, cannabis entered her life bringing her freedom from her debilitating insomnia. Her passion to learn about cannabis and teach others about the potential healing power of this plant has led to creating her independent practice, The Cannabis Nurses. Her practice includes public speaking, group education, and 1:1 holistic cannabis consulting. She also created the Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development and Education (The CIINDE), a first of its kind 6 month accredited Holistic Cannabis Nurse Program. The program dives deep into empowering nurses to care for and advocate for individuals that want to include cannabis in their lifelong healing journeys.

Shan Mei Young Tai ElionMED Advisory Board

Shan Mei Young Tai, NP

Medical Advisory Board Member

Shan Mei is a Nurse Practitioner, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Medical Cannabis Consultant. She has been a health care provider for over 20 years and has been working in the cannabis space for the last 5 years. Her approach to health is integrative, incorporating multiple modalities with attention to the whole person. Within the cannabis space, Shan Mei has worked with multiple clinics and LPs, to provide care and education to patients. She has been involved in several start-ups, developing policies and procedures, as well as training new NPs and educators. Having worked with patients of all ages, with a wide range of health conditions, she has a true passion for education and providing the best guidance for patients as they navigate their medical cannabis journey.

Hiral Mistry ElionMED Advisory Board

Hiral Mistry, RN

Medical Advisory Board Member

Hiral is a BScN Registered Nurse and an advocate of holistic health and wellness, with over 10 years of experience in client centered care. Hiral’s journey in healthcare led her to become a Certified Cannabis Educator through her independent practice Mistry Healthcare. She teaches patients, professionals, and the general public about the medical uses of cannabis and how it can be incorporated into personalized care plans in order to achieve optimal health. Mistry Healthcare is a medical consulting firm that focuses on the advocation in research and development and promotion of the various form of medical cannabis as an alternative treatment. The foundational goal of Mistry Healthcare is to provide society with the knowledge and remove the stigma of the usage of medical cannabis for various ailments.

Anita Rasoda ElionMED Advisory Board

Anita Rasoda, RPh ACPR

Medical Advisory Board Member

Anita Rasoda is an experienced Clinical Pharmacist who has dedicated over 20 years to the pharmacy profession. She possesses a versatile background in hospital care, primary care, ambulatory care and insurance. Anita held positions on the Medication Safety Advisory Committee (MSAC) and the Leadership Council for the organizations she has worked for, providing therapeutic rationale for the appropriate use of medications. Anita empowers her patients to make informed decisions about their therapeutic options, prioritizing efficacy and safety. She firmly believes in a holistic, patient-centric approach to care, bridging the gap between conventional and functional therapies.

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